Putting purpose back into purchasing

Q: Where will you be located?

A: Our shop being mobile will allow us to travel to where we are called. You will find us at conferences, crafts fairs, city events, fundraisers, and even home parties. 

When we aren't booked for event's you can find us at 2329 Cresent Ave. Fort Wayne!

Wednesday-Saturday 11-5

Q: How can I be a part of your movement?

A: Want to make an impact on your city, your country, your world? Us too, so we have made opportunities available for you to get involved. From volunteering to work an event, become a part of our street team, serving beside us on an international mission, or become a artisan partner, there is something for everyone! Contact us today at for details.


Q: How can I book Foreveresta for a private party or event?

A: Email us here: 

Include info about your event including dates & times.